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A Very Hallmark Christmas

Apr 17, 2018

Join Rob and Loree for an off-the-rails bonus episode of "A Very Hallmark Christmas." Tune in for small town antitrust concerns, the best in baking vanity plates, and very sad conversations with cats. Plus, yes, lots of giggling at cobbler jokes. 

Apr 10, 2018

Join Loree and Rob for a trip to Cambria and a recap of "Once Upon a Prince." Meet a hipster prince, and try to figure out just what's happening in the Hallmark universe's version of Europe. Plus, a special Countdown to Christmas announcement!

Apr 3, 2018

Join Loree and Rob for a trip to St. Francisville, the hometown of the Hallmark Cinematic Universe's very own Nell. This recap of "Home for Spring" includes a discussion of the pros and cons of itineraries, the necessity of Spam to the average diet, and whether or not Kix Brooks had to audition for his role.